52 Little Lessons from Les Misérables


52 Little Lessons from Les Misérables by Bob Welch is a great book for fans of the acclaimed Victor Hugo novel and popular Broadway show. The book is very encouraging and incredibly motivational. I especially liked the chapter, “A contented life is a thankful life,” which reminds readers that contentedness begins with thankfulness. It is inspiring to think of how thankful Jean Valjean is despite his difficult circumstances.

The book discusses how God teaches people lessons through uncomfortable experiences. 52 Little Lessons reminds people that God can show them the light even in the dark times, and that contentment is not achieved when everything in life is going perfectly, but when people draw closer to God. Overall, the book talks about a lot of principles related to contentment, character, and love.

Les Misérables fans will really appreciate this book, and it can act as a companion guide to the novel. 52 Little Lessons would also make a great discussion piece for a book club or Bible study. Also, the hardcover edition serves as a nice coffee table book or gift for friends.

52 Little Lessons from Les Misérables is one of the best books I have read this year. Whether you love Les Misérables or are just looking for a little encouragement, this is an outstanding book! You can buy the book here on Amazon.

I received a free copy from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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