We Will Be Landing Shortly


We Will Be Landing Shortly is an excellent book of spiritual commentary by Mike Hamel.

Throughout the book, we read Hamel’s insight about going through life as a widower. Although the book focuses on Hamel’s feelings of sadness and survivor’s guilt after the death of his wife, individuals who have not lost a spouse can easily relate to the book. Part of the book resembles a journal, with different segments corresponding to Hamel’s grieving process. The other parts of the book, though also related to grieving and recovering, serve as a commentary on different spiritual topics.

It was interesting when Hamel discussed the different ways historians have defined Jesus Christ. I also found his commentary on Hell thought-provoking, especially the line, “What if there’s no ‘use by’ date on the grace of God?” It was educational to read the statistics of how many billions of people are linguistically associated with different religions (e.g. Christianity – 2.1 billion, Chinese Folk Religions – 400 million, etc.) A nice touch was that each chapter ended with an insightful quote. Other topics in the book I found interesting were Hamel’s thoughts concerning doubt, happiness, and God’s justice and judgment.

We Will Be Landing Shortly is not just a book for Christians; it is a book for anyone interested in spirituality and the human soul. The book grapples with tough questions and delivers a compelling, discerning narrative. It is a very valuable book!

I received a review copy from Speakeasy in exchange for an honest review.

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