Esther: Royal Beauty


I was really looking forward to reading Esther: Royal Beauty, because the idea of Esther as historical fiction seemed very interesting. Luckily, the author Angela Hunt does not disappoint!

When reading the book, I could definitely hear Esther’s “voice.” Her character is portrayed in a round, multi-faceted manner. It was also nice, however, to hear the eunuch’s point of view, which made the book a little more objective. All in all, Esther: Royal Beauty is well-written, relatable, and makes for a good history lesson. Readers will enjoy jumping into Esther’s world and seeing things through her eyes.

It would be interesting for someone to first read The Book of Esther, and then read Esther: Royal Beauty; they could compare and contrast the two books. Hunt’s discussion questions at the end of the book are very helpful, and they could easily be used for a book club or Bible study. Esther: Royal Beauty would appeal to Christians, Biblical scholars, teen girls, or anyone interested in Esther’s story.

I received a review copy from Bethany House. You can find the book here on Amazon.

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