God’s Battle Plan for the Mind


Though meditation may seem like a New Age concept, it was actually something practiced by the Puritans. If you’re interested in Puritan meditation, or just want to read more about meditation’s history in Christianity, God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Meditation by David W. Saxton is a great book to check out.

This book made me examine some of my stereotypes about meditation, as well as explore what Puritan meditation really is. Saxton shows how Biblical meditation is rooted in the Bible, and he demonstrates how it can be valuable in your walk with Christ. Throughout the book, Saxton includes Scripture references, with footnotes at the end. God’s Battle Plan for the Mind is a great discussion piece for Christians. Some questions that may arise include: Is meditation necessary? Is it helpful? How does “modern” meditation differ from Puritan meditation?

Reading this book was an interesting experience. I not only learned more about the Puritans, but I also learned more about meditation in general. Christians who read this book can see how meditation and prayer can be tied together, and also how meditation can be an act of worship to the Lord.

I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. You can find the book here on Amazon. 

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