Sand in my Sandwich


Sand in my Sandwich: And Other Motherhood Messes I’m Learning to Love by Sarah Parshall Perry is a very encouraging book. With wit and wisdom, Perry talks about the different challenges of life – but she also shows how blessed her life is, and how this life can be a great one. Perry is a natural comedic writer, and she knows when to add a needed dose of comic relief.

This book is a good commentary on motherhood. She discusses fighting perfectionism and control, and this is a good book for anyone struggling with those things. I really enjoyed reading about Perry’s family and their adventures. Perry has had a lot of things thrown her way in life, yet she handles them with grace and resilience.

One of the things I took away from this book was that our lives don’t have to follow an exact formula in order for us to be happy, enriched, and fulfilled. It would be a great book to include in a book club, or just to encourage someone in their walk with God. The chapters are very well written, and some of the stories remind me of essays performed at prose interpretation contests. In sum, Sand in my Sandwich is a wonderful book!

I received a review copy from Revell. The book is available here on Amazon. 

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