Ulrich Zwingli


When people think of the Reformation, often names like Martin Luther come to mind. But there were other key players in the Reformation, and one of those leaders was a Swiss man named Ulrich Zwingli. In Ulrich Zwingli, part of the Bitesize Biographies series, William Boekestein tells the story of this profound leader, who helped shape the Reformation movement in the 1500s.

I love how this book is well-organized and contains so many facts within the paragraphs. It is nicely formatted, and chronicles the years that different events occured. The book not only talks about Zwingli’s contributions to the Reformation, but it also gives a good background about what was going on at the time. This would be a great book to read in a class on history or religion. Its brevity is an asset, because you can get through the book quickly while learning a lot. The book may be called a “Bitesize Biography,” but it is filled with resourceful information. I had never heard of Zwingli prior to reading this book, and it was nice to learn about this amazing man. I am so glad I read this book!

I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. Ulrich Zwingli is available here on Amazon. 

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