Love’s Rescue


In Christine Johnson’s period piece Love’s Rescue, the privileged Elizabeth Benjamin returns to Key West after her mother’s death. But with family resentments, disappointments, and other troubles, things only get worse. Elizabeth must make a choice: should she cling onto her life of luxury, or give it up for a chance at true love?

Love’s Rescue is a nice book; it’s a beautiful story with a beautiful setting. This novel gave me a nice peak into 1846 Key West. The book was both adventurous and exciting – it even includes pirates! I liked that the book focused on the theme of hope and forgiveness. It was great seeing Elizabeth overcome so many obstacles in her way. Elizabeth feels like she doesn’t belong where she is, yet she is able to still find herown path.

The book has elements that could seem far-fetched, yet the story is deep. Elizabeth and her love interest Rourke are both likable characters, so it’s easy to invest time in this book. So many things occur in this book; it is by no means a sleeper. Johnson is an excellent author, and her Keys of Promise books are well worth the read.

I received a review copy from Revell. Love’s Rescue is available here on Amazon.

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