Desperate Measures


Sometimes books about crime and suspense seem very cliché. They follow a similar pattern, and they have twists, but even the twists are predictable. But Desperate Measures by Sandra Orchard felt different.

First of all, I really liked how the theme of plants, flowers, and greenhouses was intertwined into the story. The book has an exciting pace. I found Kate Adams and Detective Tom Parker’s interations to be interesting. It was nice to be able to see inside both Kate and Tom’s heads. Furthermore, I liked how both Kate and Tom were involved in a lot of the book’s action’s and each was able to uncover things and figure things out.

Sandra Orchard has a great descriptive quality to her writing and the book has a consistent flow, making it enjoyable to read. Kate seems like a good role model for girls. She’s smart, assertive, and shows great perseverance. This book is the conclusion ot the Port Aster series, and though I hadn’t read the others, I felt like I was able to easily jump in. The story was unique, and definitely a page-turner!

I received a review copy from Revell. Desperate Measures is availabe here on Amazon.

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