Old Lamps, New Life


I am a fan of vintage lamps, so I decided to check out Kiri Master’s e-book Old Lamps, New Life: The DIY Guide to Rewiring and Repurposing Vintage Lamps. If you’re wanting to refurbish an old lamp, this e-book is an excellent instruction manual, and Kiri Masters guides readers step-by-step through the repurposing process. The detailed e-book includes thorough instructions, along with helpful pictures and diagrams. Masters also gives the reader safety instructions and a lesson on the anatomy of a lamp’s features, and she explains what tools are needed to get the refurbishing project started. The guide is presented in a cheerful and aesthetically appealing manner. I never knew refurbishing a lamp could look so fun!

Old Lamps, New Life is available on Master’s website, I Like That Lamp.

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