War of Rain


In H. W. Vivian’s War of Rain, set in a dystopian future, 15-year-old Miri lives in the desert village of Boreala, where the citizens are “Rain-gatherers.” The Borealans pray to the god Kalono for rain, and after it is transformed into pure water, they trade it to other villages in exchange for goods. But after a war erupts between Boreala and the village of Stratos, young Miri must embark on a journey to find the god Kalono and ask him to bring peace to her village.

War of Rain is written in first person, from Miri’s perspective, and the heroine takes readers on a fascinating trek filled with epic adventures. The writing is eloquently descriptive, and the story is a testament to what true strength and perseverance look like. The book is very inspiring, giving a wonderful message of hope.

I received a copy for review. War of Rain is available here on Amazon.

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