Calibre Self Healing Cutting Mat


Sometimes I need a cutting mat when doing DIY projects. Calibre Art’s Self Healing Cutting Mat is a sturdy, durable product, and it has been designed with a grid pattern to make projects that involve cutting easy. It is reminiscent of a table placemat (but much stronger). My mat is 12 x 18 inches, but it is also available in formats of 24 x 36 inches and 18 x 24 inches. I was unable to find detailed information about the safety of the mat’s materials, though it is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The mat has a slight packaging smell to it, but that was the only issue I had with this product. You can read more about Calibre Art’s mat here on Amazon.

One comment

  1. I agree! I just purchased my calibre art mat and I love it. I am a serial researcher, so looked for a long time for a new mat. I chose the right one for sure.


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