iPhone 6 and 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector


I wanted to see what it would take for the iGotTech iPhone 6 and 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector to crack. (Though I’m sure everyone already knows this, tempered glass is safety glass designed to break in a safer way than normal glass, by breaking into rounded edges instead of sharp pieces.) In an ideal testing situation, I would have already applied the screen to my cell phone, but because I did not want to crack or smash my phone, I instead tested the durability of the screen by itself. (Note to readers: Do not try this at home!! To test this out, I wore protective eye gear and took extra safety measures.)

First, I tried to smash the screen by hitting it with 2 pound (and then 3 pound) weights, and the screen didn’t crack. The screen was unharmed, and I could see no difference from before. I whacked the screen with a plastic golf club, and it didn’t even leave scratches. I hammered it with a device resembling a stick, and again, nothing happened. Finally, after hitting it harshly with a wiffle bat, the screen cracked. iGotTech’s screen is a strong one, but given the circumstances, it makes sense that it would crack. The good thing is that the when the screen did crack, it broke apart in a relatively safe manner.

You can read more about the the iGotTech iPhone 6 and 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector here.

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