Alaska Bear® Running Belt: Expandable Fitness and Weather Resistant


Alaska Bear’s new running belt provides a way for runners to keep a few essential items around their waist while running. The belt is designed for waists between 27 and 40 inches, and the dimensions of the storage compartment are nearly 8.6″ length by 1.7″ width by 3″ height. It is large enough to hold my iPhone in an Otterbox, along with my keys. The belt is comfortable to wear, though the strap had a (dusty?) coating on it that made me want to wash my hands after using it. When walking, the belt fit snugly around my waist, but when running, it occasionally bounced; however, I still plan to take it on future runs. As I ran, the zipper on the belt also made a constant clicking noise as it hit against the belt, but I fixed this by placing a piece of masking tape over the zipper.

You can read more about the running belt here.


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