Strong and Kind


In her parenting book Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed, Korie Robertson talks about instilling strength, kindness, and high character in your children. Korie’s husband, Willie, also contributes excerpts throughout the book.

Korie’s commentary on being an “intentional parent” was insightful, and two of my favorite sections were “Patience and Contentment” and “The Value of Being Kind.” I am also glad that Korie included a section highlighting three fun games to play with your kids.

I thought it was interesting how Korie compared her upbringing with that of her husband, showing how they used their different experiences to create their own family dynamic. I also enjoyed reading stories about the Robertsons’ five children and extended relatives, which gave the book a more personal feel. Some additional nice touches were the eight pages of collage-style family photographs, as well as the 57-point “Howard Family Legacy of Principles for Living,” which was a list of principles devised by Korie’s family growing up.

My parenting philosophy is far different from Korie Robertson’s – and I probably hold the “child-centric” approach that the author finds fault with. Nonetheless, I did enjoy reading this book, and I think that Robertson gives a lot of practical advice.

You can read more about Strong and Kind here.


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