The Not So Wise Owl


The Not So Wise Owl, written by Robert James Parfett and illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills, is a charming children’s book with rhyming verses and beautiful drawings. One by one, woodland creatures ask an owl in an oak tree for advice, but instead of answering with sage wisdom, the owl’s replies are silly and do not make sense. In the end, the readers find out that the owl isn’t crazy – he simply needs a good night’s sleep!

The book sends an important message, demonstrating people’s vital need for sleep. It’s an excellent bedtime story for children who aren’t eager to go to bed – and it’s also a wonderful children’s book in general. Parfett writes the rhyming lines with skill, and the story flows with a good pace. The drawings are detailed and remind me of pleasant watercolor paintings. The Not So Wise Owl is a fun and enjoyable book to read.

The Not So Wise Owl is available here on Amazon.

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