Walk to Beautiful


Jimmy Wayne was once a homeless teen, who had been in and out of foster homes. Now, he’s a country musician who raises money and awareness for foster children, some of who age of out the foster care system and become homeless. Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way by Jimmy Wayne (with Ken Abraham) chronicles Wayne’s early life, as he and his sister grew up in an unstable environment with their mother and her constant string of boyfriends and husbands, as well as his teen and adult life, as he overcome his tough childhood, got into the music industry, and gave back to the less fortunate. In the book, we also read about Bea and Russell Costner, a loving couple who ended up providing Wayne a home, as well as the chance to complete his education. I loved learning about this sweet couple.

The story is a good example of how helping people can give them hope. Walk to Beautiful has both its happy and sad moments, showing Wayne’s achievements as well as his trials. Wayne writes in a genuine, relatable manner, as if he is speaking to a friend. The book is inspirational and encouraging, and reminds us of the transforming power of God’s love. The book also sheds light on the predicament of children in the foster care system. Through Wayne’s “Meet Me Halfway” campaign, he walked 1,700 miles from Nashville to Phoenix, raising awareness for these children. Wayne points out that when people hear about foster children’s plight, they often say that somebody needs to do something, and Wayne encourages for them to be that somebody.

You can find the book here on Amazon.

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