Hannah’s Choice


I have grown to love the Amish Christian fiction genre. Maybe it’s because it has a mix of modern and old-fashioned themes, or maybe it’s just because it is slightly different from mainstream fiction. But whatever the reason, I usually find Amish Christian fiction novels to have a quaint, warm atmosphere. And Hannah’s Choice by Jan Drexler is no exception!

Unlike many books about the Amish which are set in the present day, Hannah’s Choice takes place in 1842 (in Lancaster County, PA). In this sweet story, Hannah Yoder is pursued by two men, Adam and Josef, and she must choose which to marry. The choice is a complicated one, however, since Josef plans to move away from their hometown of Conestoga Creek, and although Adam plans to stay, Hannah feels that marrying him means giving up her faith.

I liked how the book focused on choices – not just Hannah’s choice, but the choices of her family and friends, and the repercussions of their actions. Hannah’s sister Liesbet, who hopes to leave the Amish lifestyle, is equally as interesting as Hannah; through the book, Drexler shows how people grieve in different ways. Hannah goes through tough situations, but she is still able to persevere and keep her spirit. Hannah’s Choice does not gloss over the struggles of Amish life in 1842, but Drexler gives the story a tone of hope for the future.

You can find Hannah’s Choice here on Amazon.

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