ICB Princess Bible


The ICB Princess Bible is an International Children’s Bible with a Princess theme. I think it will be most appreciated by girls between the ages of 4 and 10. I really like the front cover design, which features a crown, a sparkly surface that does not shed sparkles, and five silver jewels that are not just pictures – they actually jut out from the cover. The purple cover theme looks cute!

The font is similar to most standard Bibles and is easy to read. Key phrases are lightly highlighted, and key words are set in bold. There are inserted pages in the front, back, and middle, which give additional information about the Bible, such as the names of the disciples, a map showing Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem, and a list of miracles that Jesus performed, along with where they can be found in the Bible. Other nice features of this Bible are a built-in purple ribbon bookmark, as well as a front page where parents can write their child’s name, who presented the Bible to the child, and the date the Bible was presented. This is a great Bible for a little girl who loves “all things Princess.”

You can find the ICB Princess Bible here on Amazon.

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