HTML & Javascript Quickstart Guides


I have been wanting to brush up on HTML and Javascript, so I was very excited about receiving the HTML & Javascript Quickstart Guide, which covers both HTML and Javascript in one 155-page book. I have also reviewed two of ClydeBank Technology’s other quickstart guides, and I really like how they cover a lot of information in a concise format. It is nice to have a physical copy of a book about HTML and Javascript, because even though coding obviously involves a computer or other device, it’s enjoyable to be able to learn more about HTML and Javascript through a paperback book.

I think this is a great introductory guide for someone who would like to jump into these coding languages but does not know where to begin; there are so many free HTML and Javascript resources online, but many of them do not start at the very beginning. This book is helpful, useful, and easy to understand. You can read more about the HTML & Javascript Quickstart Guide here on Amazon.

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