Kayla and the Chocolate Tree


Kayla and the Chocolate Tree is a positive children’s book written by Anna Marie Squailia and illustrated by Katrina Gidewill, teaching important lessons involving sharing, teamwork, and giving to others. I like how Kayla – the young female protagonist in the story – is smart, strong, and thinks outside the box. I loved seeing Kayla’s creativity as she plotted how to get chocolate from the tree; the scenarios she came up with to retrieve the chocolate were thoughtful and inventive. Kayla’s mother, another admirable character, wisely encourages her daughter to brainstorm and find a way to solve her problem. The author also features nice activity pages at the end of the book, including those that discuss problem solving techniques. This book serves as a good lesson on problem solving for children, and it can also help start conversations about having a good attitude and being perseverant during tough times.

You can find Kayla and the Chocolate Tree on Amazon.

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