Night, Night Daddy


Night, Night Daddy, written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Lee Holland, has a very similar structure to Parker’s book Night, Night Mommy. It is a bedtime story for children, formatted as a board book, and it stresses the important relationship between a father and child. For children who are hesistant to go to sleep after a long day, it shows how bedtime can be a positive thing. Holland’s drawings are cute, and I liked the colorful yet serene tones that she used. I especially liked the drawing of the father and son looking out into the beautiful night sky full of stars.

Throughout the story, the father and son go on many adventures together, which include making pancakes, building a fort, and having a bubble fight at bath time. I really like the page where Daddy is acting out an animated bedtime story. Instead of buying both  Night, Night Daddy or Night, Night Mommy, I would recommend either buying one or the other, because I found myself comparing the two books to each other; I slightly preferred Night, Night Daddy, just because their adventures seemed a bit more fun. Each book has its merits, and they both show the loving bond between a parent and child.

You can find Night, Night Daddy here.

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