Messenger by Moonlight


Messenger by Moonlight by Stephanie Grace Whitson takes place in 1860 era Missouri, and focuses on Annie Paxton, an orphan whose brothers get jobs on the Pony Express. This historical fiction novel serves as an underlying history lesson about the Pony Express, St. Joseph, MO, Fort Kearny, and life in the 1860s.

Annie is an admirable character who cares about her family. I liked seeing Annie’s determination as she figured out how to prevail in less than ideal circumstances. The writing has a nice flow, and the author does a good job of using description to illustrate the story. I like how the book also has some elements of romance. If you’re looking for a novel about the Pony Express – with a strong, likable female lead – it’s a good book to check out.

You can find Messenger by Moonlight here.

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