America at the Crossroads: Explosive Trends Shaping America’s Future and What You Can Do About It


Every period in history is marked by cultural trends. Every decade has its positives and negatives. Sometimes society takes steps forward, and sometimes we take steps back. In America at the Crossroads: Explosive Trends Shaping America’s Future and What You Can Do About It, George Barna identifies twenty current cultural trends in America.

The cultural trends are divided into three parts: Faith and Spirituality, Government and Politics, and Lifestyles and Perspectives. For example, some of the Faith and Spirituality are: a decrease in Christianity and Christian education, the lessening influence of the Bible and the Christian Church, a change in religious behavior patterns, the steadiness of niche evangelical thought, and an increase in nonreligious adults. The chapters are very informative, and also somewhat dismal; after all, the book is pointing out cultural problems that, depending on your political, religious, and social worldview, may need to be fixed. Part 4 of the book [spoiler alert ahead] addresses how people can combat these trends. The answer? Imitate Christ and rely on Him. It may not be the answer some readers were expecting, but it’s the perfect solution.

Readers who would be most interested in this book are those who enjoy studying current events or analyzing data. George Barna is the founder of the Barna Group research firm, and America at the Crossroads features a lot of charts, graphs, and statistical information.

You can find America at the Crossroads here.

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