World of Britannia


World of Britannia by Richard Denham and M.J. Trow is a historical companion to the BRITANNIA series. It’s a fun book. Reading about the beginning of the Dark Ages in Britannia (spanning 367 – 415 AD) was interesting, informative, and just plain fun. The sections are well-organized, and it’s an easy book to pick up and immediately learn new facts about Britannia. For example, did you know that a “colonia” was a settlement of ex-soldiers who were granted land in lieu of a cash pension? Or that Derventio I was a large fort built by Agricola that may have been a base for the IX Legion? The writing is didactic, but certainly not dry.

The book talks about Britannia’s government, geography, and the way people lived – and also who some of the famous Britons were. Readers will also learn about religion, language, and military exploits in Britannia. One of the most intriguing chapters, ‘Under a Different Sky,’ talks about the tribes of Britannia, discussing groups such as Brigantes, Cornovii, and Trinovontes. If you’re an anglophile or history buff – but not too familiar with this fascinating time in history – this is definitely a book you’d want to keep on your bookshelf.

You can find World of Britannia here.

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