Finding Your Voice


Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs to Live Her God-Given Passions Out Loud by Natalie Grant is a book about living for God’s calling, instead of bowing to the pressures of the world. The chapters in the book talks about Learning to Listen, Trusting Your Potential, Finding Your Thrive Zones, Training in the Wilderness, Caring for Your Instrument from the Inside Out (a helpful chapter about health habits), Aligning Your Assets, Quality Check: It’s How You Say It, Working the Stage: Engage, Connect, Grow; Beauty in the Breaking, and Finding Your Song.

Grant’s life story is captivating. She’s not only a singer – she’s also an abolitionist, and part of her book brings to light the terrible issue of trafficking. Grant also shares stories from her own life, such as her struggle with bulimia, which will no doubt help others suffering from eating disorders. It is very evident that Grant is passionate about life, and she writes with passion and enthusiasm.

Finding Your Voice is a reminder that people need to listen to God’s voice in their lives. The book analyzes cultural mores and compares them to Scripture. Grant’s manner of writing comes across as friendly and helpful, and is somewhat reminiscent of a Beth Moore book. As the subtitle suggests, Finding Your Voice is geared toward women, and is the type of book that might be used in a women’s Bible study.

You can check out Finding Your Voice here.

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