Godiva: From Wretch to Riches


Godiva: From Wretch to Riches by Richmond Donkor is a Biblical commentary and self-help book. Donkor uses the stories of Biblical figures and a modern-day woman named Godiva to show how God can help people overcome failure and shame.

Donkor is a pastor, and he writes in a straightforward, matter-of-fact manner. The book reads like a collection of sermons. In between sections that analyze Biblical passages, Donkor discusses the struggles of Godiva, a woman whose choices led her down the wrong path in life. Readers also learn about the lives of Godiva’s children.

Godiva’s story is just one facet of the book; to illustrate his theme of overcoming failure and finding hope, the author visits the stories of Biblical figures such as Adam and Eve, Moses and Aaron, Saul and David, Peter, and the Samaritan Woman.  Donkor implores readers to reflect on the text and think critically, and he asks important rhetorical questions.

Godiva reminds readers that negative choices often have dire consequences and lead to failure, but that God can turn these failures into something good. Dr. Jim Afremow once said, “Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo,” and the statement rings true; failure does not have to be a curse, but can lead to hope and renewal.

You can find Godiva: From Wretch to Riches here.

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