NKJV Word Study Bible


Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Word Study Bible is a 1,760-page New King James Bible that also includes Biblical commentary discussing key words used in the Bible. The text is printed in a standard font with serifs (possibly Garamond). As for the colors, the main text is black, the section headers are blue, and Jesus’ words are red. The Bible is called the “word study Bible” because most pages feature a paragraph of commentary about a relevant word, exploring the meaning behind the word as it is used in that specific part of Scripture. (Some examples of the words examined are chariot, comfort, remember, fury, judgment, rebellious, pride, scribe, rejoice, worthy, and knowledge.) In all, the book includes 1,700 sections, each focusing on one word.

Because the Bible is around 2 pounds and 9 ounces, it may not be a Bible you want to carry around with you everywhere. People who would be most interested in this Bible are specifically those who are interested in its “word study” aspect. The book includes helpful indexes, a concordance, and eight pages of relevant color maps, but for the most part, the book consists of the New King James Bible and the supplemental commentary examining the 1,700 key words.

You can find the NKJV Word Study Bible here.

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