Made Well


Made Well: Finding Wholeness in the Everyday Sacred Moments is a part-memoir, part-spiritual growth book written by Jenny Simmons, the lead singer of the band Addison Road. Simmons talks about her family, friends, and faith, and the stories she shares are thought-provoking and meaningful.

Made Well touches upon deep topics, such as mental illness and death. For some, the content may seem heavy-duty, whereas for others, reading about struggle and renewal may help their own healing journey. Simmons’ previous book, The Road to Becoming, is not as heavy-duty; Simmons discusses her struggles, but not with the same vulnerability that she does in Made Well. If you had to read just one of Simmons’ books, OTR recommends Made Well.  It is an enjoyable book – one that is very pleasant to read.

You can find Made Well here.

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