A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book


Robin Mead’s A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book consists of coloring book pages related to the Christmas season. The illustrations really keep the “Christ” in Christmas, and instead of prioritizing the commercial aspects of Christmas, the book is full of religious-themed drawing pages. One page, for example, includes the nativity scene, and another features a very ornate cross. Some pages – such as those with a wreath or ornaments – are drawn from a close-up perspective, whereas other pages – such as those capturing scenic homes and buildings – are illustrated from a faraway view.

A few of the most exciting pages in the book feature a beautiful winged angel, stockings hanging over a fireplace, and an idyllic house with Christmas trees in the back and a snowman in the front. The book also includes occasional selections of Bible verses and holiday craft cut-outs, the latter of which are illustrations that you can color and cut out, and then use to make gift tags, paper ornaments, bookmarks, and Christmas cards.

It would probably be best to use colored pencils when coloring in this book, since some of the pages require fine detail. Because the book has so many different illustrations, it can be used for coloring sessions over a long period of time.

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