Essential Worship: A Handbook for Leaders


Essential Worship: A Handbook for Leaders by Greg Scheer is an in-depth look into Biblical worship. The book examines the principles and history of Biblical worship, the use of music and the arts in worship, and people’s role in worship. One interesting chapter explores who Scheer believes should lead worship; he also makes a funnel-shaped visual, showing the worship director at the bottom, ascended by “solos, leading,” “small ensembles,” “large ensembles,” and “congregation.”

One of the best chapters discusses the use of the Psalms in worship, reminding us that the Psalms give us a vocabulary of faith during worship. Each chapter ends with discussion questions; one thought-provoking question, for instance, reflects on the quote, “Art needs no justification – except in worship.” The book would be a good read for a worship director who is wanting to fine tune his ministry.

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