Lots of Love

516TZPCYqwL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_ (1).jpg

Lots of Love, a children’s book written by Kim Washburn and illustrated by Jaqueline East, is a book about showing love to family and friends through kisses, hugs, and acts of kindness. The story follows a little girl as she wakes up, spends time with her family and dog, goes to school, and returns home to her family.

The cover, which is somewhat simplistic, may not convey how great the book really is; the story has a fun and exciting feel, as it chronicles the protagonist’s adventures on an ordinary day. One page shows the girl gleefully sitting with her friends at recess, with the words, “Sitting with my best friends, We laugh and talk and play. I want to share some kindess / With all the words I say.” The book may be best for a preschooler or child in elementary school.

The little girl and her family are ethnically ambiguous; they have olive skin, brown eyes, and hair that ranges from light brown to black and from straight to curly. The illustrations are very pretty – and charming; the protagonist’s cheerfulness and bright smile lights up the pages.

Kim Washburn and Jaqueline East also created the book Pumpkin Patch Blessings, but if you just have to choose one of these books, Oak Tree Reviews recommends Lots of Love.

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