Lists to Love by for Busy Husbands


Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands: Simple Steps to the Marriage You Want is a book with practical marriage advice by Mark and Susan Merrill. The author covers topics such as the importance of marriage, using encouraging words, having fair expectations, (not) hardening your heart, forgiving, and understanding yourself. The chapters are written in paragraph format, but they include helpful lists. For example, Chapter 16 (or List 16) is called “8 Expectations for a Great Marriage” and includes eight things to expect during your marriage, such as expecting to disagree and expecting to be annoyed – with each of these expectations explained with a paragraph.

Some of the chapters are more serious than others, such as “6 Things to Do When You’re Lonely in Marriage,” while others have more of a fun feel, such as “10 Texts to Send to Your Wife in the Next Ten Days.” Though everyone is bound to find some advice they do not like in a marriage book, the authors do deliver sound, sensible advice. The end of each chapter offers relevant discussion questions.

The title says that the book is geared for busy husbands – and the good thing about the book is that it really is geared for busy people! If you’re having a busy day, this is the kind of marriage book that you could easily pick up for a few minutes and reflect on.

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