Own It: The Power of Women at Work


Own It: The Power of Women at Work shows how women can use the strengths they already have to succeed in the workplace. It is not a fun-and-exciting read. But it is educational and highly informative, and you can tell that Krawcheck is an intelligent, driven, and entrepreneurial woman.

The book is most suited for a woman immersed in the corporate world who works with male employers and colleagues – one who is struggling in a male-dominated or male-centric workplace. For a woman in this situation, the book will probably be an encouragement, as Krawcheck gives advice and debunks harmful myths (e.g. “Men are better investors than woman”).

Men in corporate America will benefit from this book, too, because it may open their eyes to some of the challenges that women in their workplace face, as well as how women’s unique strengths can be an asset to their companies.

The readers who may not find the book especially relevant are those in different business situations – such as a female owner of a small business who does not deal with office politics to the same degree as a woman climbing the ranks in a large company.

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