Sometimes it’s hard to be a young adult in your twenties. You might need to make life-altering decisions and forge a new path for yourself. Or you might need to deal with issues that didn’t concern you in your teens. Allison Trowbridge’s book Twenty-Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning addresses these young adult years, discussing topics such as dreams and calling, seasons of life, friendship, love and relationships, vocation, beauty, injustice, fear, wanderlust, belief, perfection and failing, and so much more.

I inititally shied away from reading the book because I wondered if it would be geared specifically for 22-year-olds, perhaps those who are newly out of college and ready to enter the next step of their lives. But the book is applicable for people in their early or late twenties (and maybe even early thirties), and would be good for young women as well as young men. Trowbridge does not tell people how to live, but rather uses her own experiences to show how one can overcome obstacles in their lives. The author certainly gives sound, practical advice to her readers.

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