The Parables of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional


The Parables of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional by Laura James and Katarah Washington Patton is both a coloring book and a devotional. The pages are fun to color in, and using the book is also a nice way to brush up on Jesus’ parables. Perhaps a Sunday school class could use this book for a lesson on some of the parables!

Because the book is a combination of a coloring book and devotional, it is easy to imagine reading one devotional page and completing one coloring page each day. (Each devotional page corresponds to one coloring book page.) The illustrations remind me of ancient drawings, with an appealing archaic look. The coloring book pages include illustrations that require fine detail as well as illustrations that do not require fine detail.

My favorite devotion in the book was “Bear Fruit,” a lesson based on Luke 13: 6 – 9. The corresponding coloring page features a fruitful tree with two people beside it, just waiting to be brought to life through colored pencils!

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