Trade Up


Trade Up: How to Move from Just Making Money to Making a Difference by Dean Niewolny is a book that sends a positive message, showing readers how to focus on what they do – and not just how much money they make.

In the first part of the book, Niewolny talks about his own life, and I enjoyed reading about his career and life journey. The second part of the book talks about the reader’s journey, and Niewolny discusses making decisions with the end goal in mind, opening your time and space, knowing your strengths, spiritual gifts, and passion, and stating your mission. The last part of the book talks about your destination, which includes how you can make other people part of your journey, pursue solitude with God, and research, network, and conduct low-cost probes on your business journey.

Trade Up feels like the kind of book you might hear about at a motivational seminar. Niewolny is the CEO of the Halftime Institute, which focuses on making the second half of life defined by joy, impact, and balance. I like the book’s encouraging and inspiring nature. Niewolny promotes finding a healthy balance for things in life, and the idea of “trading up” is uplifting.


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