Fearless Parenting


Fearless Parenting: How to Raise Faithful Kids in a Secular Culture by George Barna and Jimmy Myers explores how to raise Christ-followers in a secular world. The book discusses the need for being fearless parents and consistently applying positive parenting virtues, rejecting fear-based parenting, instituting preparation-based parenting, taking charge of our children’s spiritual growth, acknowledging that our children are called to stand out, prioritizing family relationships, rejecting destructive parental behaviors and materalistic entitlement, rethinking social media and smartphone use, nagivating parenting in a pornography-saturated culture, and evaluating parental self-worth and how we push our children.

My favorite chapter was “Rethinking Social Media and Smartphone Use.” I like how Barna and Myers acknowledge ways in which the internet and social media greatly affect how children are raised, giving positive ideas as to how an electronic world will not get in the way of a child’s development. The authors have a lot of great advice about managing and overseeing electronic use.

Throughout the book, the authors make excellent points. Parents should not expect their children to become devoted Christians merely by sending them to Sunday school, but by personally investing in the development in their faith. Each chapter ends with a helpful list of “five practical changes you can make today,” which are relevant to that chapter.

Fearless Parenting is a good book, reminding parents that they need to teach their kids about faith and life before the world does – and the authors give specific ways to implement their advice.

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