A Place Called Heaven


A Placed Called Heaven: 10 Surprising Truths About Your Eternal Home by Dr. Robert Jeffress is a book that delves into Biblical passages that talk about Heaven. The Southern Baptist pastor discusses ten major topics relating to Heaven: the difference that a future in Heaven makes in your life today, the reality of Heaven, whether some people have already visited Heaven, if Christians will immediately go to Heaven after death, what people will do in Heaven, whether people in Heaven know what is happening on Earth, whether we will know one another in Heaven, if Heaven will be the same for everyone, who will be in Heaven, and how to prepare for Heaven.

Jeffress writes thoughtfully, and he skillfully answers a wide variety of questions about Heaven. The book feels both encouraging and heavy-duty at the same time. Though different people and different Christian denominations will interpret what the Scripture says about Heaven slightly differently, it is interesting and insightful to read Jeffress’ view. Instead of treating this book like a set of facts about Heaven, readers can see it as a nice starting point to reflect on Heaven; they can dig into the verses and passages that Jeffress includes in the book, and study the Biblical text just as Jeffress has done.



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