The God-Shaped Heart


The God-Shaped Heart: How Correctly Understanding God’s Love Transforms Us by Timothy R. Jennings, MD, explores how God’s love will transform every area of our lives. (Isn’t that such a wonderful thought?) Jennings talks about a wide scope of topics in the book, which include the problem with our hearts, spiritual failure to thrive, love and worship, love and healing, and the power of love and truth. One of the book’s nice touches is that each chapter ends with a list of key points, succinctly summarizing each chapter.

The book sends a positive Christian message, and Jennings is a very skilled writer. It’s a nice combination. Sometimes a book’s premise is strong, but the writing falls short. Jennings’ book not only encourages readers to embrace God’s love, but he does so in a well-written way. He weaves in Scripture passages along with interesting stories and anecdotes.

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