Becoming Resilient


Becoming Resilient: How to Move Through Suffering and Come Back Stronger by Donna Gibbs is a wonderful resource for those enduring difficult times. Gibbs is a board certified professional Christian counselor, and the book reads like a Christian self-help book, combining counseling techniques with Christian ideology.

One of my favorite chapters was “Practice Self Care,” which talks about the Biblicality of self-care while providing different ways someone can take care of themselves while suffering, such as journaling, exercising, laughing – and even postponing major decisions while in deep despair. Another chapter I really liked was “Acknowledge the Suffering,” in which Gibbs discusses how different people moved past denial and “suffered well.”

Endorsing a self-help book can be difficult, because even when a book is as informative and insighftul as Gibbs’, reading it may not help people immediately. However, the ideas and major themes presented in the book may help someone in the long run.

For some people, the book may not resonate at all, and that is okay, too. The important thing is that those who are going through hard times find the help they need. And if you feel like you are in deep despair, you may want to visit a counselor.

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