Hurt Road


Hurt Road is a memoir by Mark Lee of the band Third Day. When Lee was fourteen years old, he was hit by a truck while selling donuts for his church youth group. At the time, he was on a road called Hurt Road. Though that is where the title of the memoir is derived from, many readers of the book can also find symbolism in “Hurt Road.” Perhaps we have all been on “Hurt Road” at one time or another as we weather life’s ups and downs.

I enjoyed reading about Lee’s life. Often times I will regularly listen to an artist’s music, yet I know nothing about their backstory; it is nice to learn about the musician behind the music. Lee writes in a heartwarming manner, drawing you into his life story. I liked reading about his family, especially his wife and children. On Lee’s life journey, you can tell that faith and family are his main focus.

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