The Scent of Jasmine


The Scent of Jasmine by Linda Girgis MD is a novel that focuses on journalist Gabby Ryan, a 24-year-old with breast cancer. The book shows what it is like for Gabby to be diagnosed with breast cancer and undergo treatment, and it raises awareness that there is still no cure for Stage IV breast cancer.

Girgis is a family physician, enabling her to paint a realistic medical storyline surrounding Gabby’s cancer. It is a very informative book, covering issues spanning from having genetic testing to dealing with insurance companies. The book also familiarizes readers with the process of getting a mammogram.

Girgis writes fluidly, crafting round characters. I especially liked Gabby, and admired her curiosity, thoughtfulness, and tenacity. It is easy to feel like you are going through Gabby’s emotions with her, such as when she experiences fear and uncertainty.

The Scent of Jasmine is a great book, because it sheds light on the epidemic of breast cancer while also delivering an interesting story. Individuals who may not pick up a nonfiction book about breast cancer may read this novel and obtain valuable information.


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