A Brave Face


A Brave Face: Two Cultures, Two Families, and the Iraqi Girl Who Bound Them Together by Barbara Marlowe and Teeba Furat Marlowe is a story of courage, determination, and love. In 2003, when Teeba Furat Marlowe was 19 months old, her family’s car was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, tragically killing her brother, and leaving her with severe injuries, including burns on her scalp, face, and hands.

Where Teeba grew up, her injuries would make others consider her an outcast. And Teeba’s injuries sadly left her in physical pain. But after an American journalist photographed Teeba, and an Ohio woman named Barbara Marlowe saw that photo in the newspaper, Teeba’s life was about to drastically change once again. When Teeba was five, she traveled to Cleveland to live with Barbara Marlowe and her husband Tim. The Marlowes paid for Teeba’s treatment and surgeries, but they also did so much more. They fought to bring Teeba over from Iraq to America in the first place. And they cared for her as loving parents would. Though Teeba has kept up a strong relationship with her biological parents, she needed to have surgery after surgery in America, and the Marlowes ended up adopting her. (By 2019, Teeba underwent 19 plastic and reconstructive surgeries.) Teeba now has two moms and two dads. Both sets of her parents wanted what was best for her, and they did anything they could to improve her life.

If you want to read an incredible story, I recommend reading A Brave Face.


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