T is for Tiger


T is for Tiger: Learn Your ABCs with Animals Around the World! is a delightful alphabet book for toddlers illustrated by Laura Watkins. One of the nice things about this book is that each alphabet letter is represented by more than one animal; for example, “A is for albatross and alligator,” and “C is for cardinal, chipmunk, and cat.” The drawings are cute, charming, and have a calming feel. One of my favorite drawings, spread over two pages, represents the letter K, and shows koalas watching kangaroos hop through the outback, as a kookaburra sits perched on the branch of a tree. The book introduces children to animals they may not heard of yet, such as quokkas and urials, while also throwing in familiar ones, such as moose and mice. The book is paperback, 46 pages long and 8 x 8 inches in size and has a soft matte finish.

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