The Most Important Stories of the Bible


The Most Important Stories of the Bible: Understanding God’s Word Through the Stories It Tells by Christopher D. Hudson and Stan Campbell discusses key stories in the Bible – and how they all connect to one another. The book is sectioned into stories that cover the beginning of the Bible, Biblical patriarchs, when Israel becomes a nation, kings and prophets, stories of Jesus, and stories about the Early Church.

The authors describe the essential part of each story and identify an essential truth from each story. For example, the “essential truth” for the story of the Call of Samuel is, “One righteous person makes a world of difference in a culture deaf to God.” One of my favorite chapters discusses Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. I like how the stories are told in a clear and detailed manner. I also like how the authors explain each story in a straightforward way, making it easy to relate the Biblical story to our own lives. This would be a good book to use as part of a Bible study.

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