Protecting Your Child from Predators


Protecting Your Child from Predators: How to Recognize and Respond to Sexual Danger is an important and informative book by Beth Robinson, EdD, and Latayne C. Scott, PhD, about protecting your children from predators. The book talks about ways to help protect young as well as older children from sexual abuse, and the authors talk about specific situations in which children may be more vulnerable to abuse.

The book reminds parents that predators can come in the form of authority figures, family friends, strangers, and even your children’s peers. The book also addresses how technology can make children vulnerable to predators. The authors share a variety of real-life stories of families affected by predators, and these stories may help parents identify potential predators in their own lives. The book covers a wide breadth of information, including topics such as grooming, teen dating violence, and warning signs of abuse.

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