The Things We Cannot Say


The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer is one of the most memorable novels I have encountered in a long time. The story flashes back and forth between two timelines and two women: in 1942, Alina navigates Nazi-occupied Poland, and in the modern-day, Alice leaves the bustle of her busy American life (which includes parenting two uniquely-gifted children) to fly to Poland and explore her grandmother’s past.

If you listen to the audiobook version of The Things You Cannot Say, you are in for a real treat: Nancy Peterson’s voice is soothing and wise, and Ann Marie Gideon’s voice is comforting and determined. I had previously read Rimmer’s novel The Secret Daughter; in both books, Rimmer delivers compelling stories that I find myself reflecting upon long after the books have been finished. What makes a book good? Is it the writing, the plot, the characters? Sometimes what truly makes a book good is the impression that it leaves upon you – and I know that the characters of Alina and Alice have made a mark in my mind.

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