Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt


Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Mythology for Kids by Morgan E. Moroney is a great book about Egyptian mythology geared for children. As of the publishing of this book, Moroney is a PhD candidate in Egyptology, focusing on Egyptian art and archaeology. This book is not just interesting for children – even if you are an adult, it is a good way way to learn highlights of Egyptian history in a nicely abridged manner. The book is aesthetically appealing and includes engrossing photographs, such as an ancient game board, and a musical instrument called a sistrum. I liked how the author included a glossary of relevant terms as well as a “family tree of the gods.” One of my favorite chapters talked about Bastet, goddess of cats, joy, and motherhood. Another favorite chapter of mine discussed Neith, goddess of creation and war. It’s a fun, educational book!

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