The Big Book of Wild Cats


The Big Book of Wild Cats: Fun Animal Facts for Kids by Rachael Smith teaches kids about all kinds of wild cats, from the Andean mountain cat, to the ocelot, to the Iberian lynx. It is a good way to learn fast facts about a variety of cats. The book talks about nine “big cats,” such as lions and snow leopards, and 28 “small cats,” such as rusty-spotted cats and caracals.

As Smith discusses each cat, she covers the cat’s appearance, habitat, behavior, particular skills, hunting habits, and information about their population and how they raise their young. Some of my favorite cats to learn about were Geoffroy’s cats, which are about the same size as house cats, receive their name from the French naturalist Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, and have between one and four kittens in each litter. I also loved learning about leopard cats, which are found throughout most of Southern Asia and live in woodland, scrubland, and forest habitats. Though the book is geared for kids, it is a fun book for adults to read, too!

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