This Will All Be Over Soon

SNL star Cecily Strong’s memoir, This Will All Be Over Soon, is a book about grief and love. In January 2020, Strong’s cousin Owen died from the effects of a glioblastoma. Through her writing, Strong explores her grief while also showing us what a wonderful person Owen was, through each story she tells. The book also talks about different kinds of grief, pain, and heartache, as Cecily found herself in the pandemic so soon after Owen’s death.

This Will All Be Over Soon also acts as a typical memoir, as Strong recalls memories from her childhood, teen years, and early adulthood that shaped her life, such as when her parents divorced, or when she was expelled from her high school. We learn about some of Strong’s friends and she shows us her passion for political change. The book has a somber tone that is fitting for this somber period in time. 

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